What’s in this ebook?

What’s in this book?

‘AdSense Confessions’ consists of 101 pages of success stories of nine people who have mastered AdSense enough to earn a regular income in various ways. Everyone tells their own story of how they got into AdSense, tried, tried, and finally made AdSense a reality to make more money. Some are still trying to improve their company’s AdSense content to make more money.

As everyone knows, copying the model used by others is the path to success. ..doctors and businessmen use it every day. There is every reason to believe that you will achieve the same success if you follow the proven methods used by the nine people in this book. Interestingly, the nine contributors discuss not only AdSense but also topics like search engine optimization, keywords, website design, network management, and more. These are all great tips that make this book even more useful. Revenue scores are given as the number of site examples with AdSense, indicating the effectiveness of AdSense ads.

While much of the content confirms what I already know, for someone new to internet marketing, web design, or using Google AdSense, Codrut’s book will require a lot of time and effort to reach the monetization stage.