Use your website to build your credibility

Use your website to build your credibility
One of the easiest ways to use your online presence to increase offline sales is to build credibility with your website visitors. There are so many ways to do this – here are just a few of them.

Become a member of a reputable service organization and ensure that your current and potential customers know that you are a member. If you become a member of an organization like the Better Business Bureau, you can place their logo on your website. This will give you a lot of credibility. Whenever you have the opportunity to tell your clients what type of stand-up business you do, do it. This can also be done with professional associations, industry associations and chambers of commerce

Use customer reviews wisely. More experienced entrepreneurs already know how valuable references can be in building credibility. What if you took a slightly different approach? Try customer reviews that highlight the benefits of your physical store. Of course, you have customers who already shop with you locally – ask those who love your products and services to help you share their thoughts on the benefits of your store.

When a reference is created, it is best to write it down and then ask the customer to approve it. This way you get the references you need, when you need them, without inconveniencing the customer. All you have to do is sign it without wasting time writing it to you. Make it easy for them to help you and reward them when they do.

testimonials highlighting your store’s strengths may include the friendliness of your staff, the excellence of your customer service, and the convenience of your location. You can probably think of fifty reasons why people shop at your store. Start by making a list and compile ten references based on it.

Select one at a time and ask a loyal customer to sign it. Keep doing this until you have subscribers for all of them, then rotate the three on your site every few months. As you get more customers, go back to your list and write new testimonials for approval. Your loyal customers are happy to help you, and their testimonials help you strengthen relationships with new customers.