three key factors that increase the effectiveness of effective marketing

In a recent article, Michel Fortin identified three key factors that increase the effectiveness of effective marketing. Curiosity, scarcity and debate. (Steve was the absolute master of all three.) • Are you curious? What could be more ‘weird’ than a man kissing a four-meter crocodile on the head and saying, ‘It’s not cute?’

• Famine? There is (and always will be) only one “Crocodile Hunter.” • Discussion? Steve certainly had a talent for sparking controversy and controversy in his extraordinary life. And boy, can it work backwards. Its by-products are almost universal. .. Steve Irwin used the “Crocodile Hunter” brand on everything from toys and games to books and movies. He literally built an “Animal Planet” channel on his jacket. The Face, logo, and “Crikey” slogan have appeared on every product imaginable, from lunch boxes to clothing. And here’s the surprising thing. ..

he plowed most of the profits from the Croc Hunter brand into his favorite Australian parks and other conservation programs. But while there are many great marketing lessons to be learned from the life of Steve Irwin, I think the most important lesson we can learn from him is PASSION. This was the real secret to Steve Irwin’s success. I have never met anyone with more passion and enthusiasm for his life’s mission. His passion for life, his family, and the beings he spent his life teaching (and giving) to the world was evident in everything he did.

And. .. What Steve can teach us about passion is a lesson you can apply not only to your business but also to your personal life. Live with passion. Be passionate about what you do and reach out to others with passion. This is the key to real and lasting success. If you don’t care what you do for a living. .. Find something you love and do it to the fullest. As Steve showed us. .. Life is short. And the end can come at any moment. But 44 years of a life of willpower and enlightenment is much more interesting than 100 years of ‘silent depression’. Steve Irwin lived his whole life. He spent days doing what he loved and passed on that love and passion to millions of people. Rest in peace Steve. You will miss your partner very much. ..