This is NOT done by RSS

This is NOT done by RSS

Everyone enjoys the excitement of using RSS to increase traffic, promote their site, and do marketing. From where?

This is something new; at least in the field of internet marketing. Of course, it’s not as fresh as it was a year or so ago. As competition increases, it becomes more difficult to achieve accurate results.

The effectiveness of this method is greatly undermined by excessive discretion due to confusion between blogs and spam blogging intended to attract search engine spiders to a list of static pages.

shots in 3 minutes – even in the shadows – is implausible – or at least it should be. Why don’t you scream “THIS IS A SEARCH ENGINE SPAM PROGRAM”? Good foot, it is very difficult for even the most brain-damaged robot to understand this.

There are still many sites that have RSS feeds, and actual feeds are made available as pages change and other content is added. Yes, the RSS feed still works. They may not be as fast and they may not be as powerful as they once were, but RSS remains an accepted and indispensable part of web development.

The technique is used incorrectly and as a result immediate intervention tends to decrease. If people clearly know what they are doing, why and how it works, it can be difficult to actively seek new ways. And if quick-money artists fail to trick people into doing bad things for everyone in the long run, well. . . but as it is, it will last forever and it seems like it.