The web was a completely different story

The web was a completely different story.

Company officials saw this as a technical problem. Various departments provided well-written manuscripts, but no one had the necessary editing experience to put them together. Managers are satisfied with a website that suits the responsibilities of their departments and are happy to leave the management of the website to someone who understands technical issues. This meant leaving the published article in the hands of the printer and illustrator.

Lessons are open. First, make sure you check your website carefully. If it isn’t already, your website will be the one that best represents your company. Second, make sure you use professional writers for your website content. This depends on whether your company is comfortable doing this in-house or outsourcing.

The source of the problem was somewhere in the general interface of the site. The obvious conclusion is that the person responsible is not competent enough as a writer. But that wasn’t enough. Why didn’t CEOs address this issue?
The company’s publications were excellent, with attention to detail and uniformity in a variety of formats, from annual reports to newsletters, marketing materials and brochures. Each department’s copy passed through the hands of a small writing team who refined and refined the language and transformed it into the partner company’s style. Moreover, the manager constantly highlights and coordinates the outputs of different departments according to
management measures.