the starting point of your next business development process

This should be the starting point of your next business development process
1. Ask for his business card and read it carefully

2. Always find something to explain; Maybe it’s because of the spelling of their name, or maybe they have a business in a certain part of the city that you know well. It doesn’t matter as long as you show that you care; It’s their job and their problems

3. This is an important point. Ask if you can call them next Wednesday or Thursday to discuss the problem they are having. You might say: “This is not the time or place, but maybe your problem is something simple that I can help you with.” The answer is probably yes if you have the right idea.

4. Never forget that if you do not ask the question, you are not giving the other person a job opportunity or a chance to say yes. . You will become famous during this time. If you were successful, do you really want to miss a great opportunity? Not every business activity and not everyone you meet will turn into a business opportunity, but if you are alert and alert, listen carefully and show compassion. .. you won’t learn

5. Write the day you want to call on their business card and show it to you. This shows that you are serious and have a good chance of being able to do this. At this point there is no reason not to take one of the different routes we will show another time. .