The Most Tragic Mistake a New Marketer Almost Always Makes

Very sad mistake A new board almost always helps

Now. .. you are a new trader and want to earn extra money or maybe make a good living! One of the first things you do is join an affiliate program or some kind of download club. Or maybe you’re trying to sell quality items for a profit on Ebay or another auction service. So, if you have an online business, your attention should be focused on the type of marketing that drives sales or memberships.

Online business is as scary as traditional marketing. What attracts you to doing business in your city? Coupons? Are you there Giving? Do you want a friend or trusted colleague?

Ah yes – here’s a little secret that is rarely known or overlooked:

When you start an online business you do the same! Offer a free report, an informative e-book, a software trial, an online course, or perhaps a newsletter or e-magazine subscription. That’s exactly how online businesses work, period. But here comes the hard part. ..You MUST register a name and email address BEFORE granting access!