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Send message to forum I’m late to this idea but I’ll do it and explain exactly what I mean. When I say write to the forum, read “join the forum and contribute”. This doesn’t mean you join a forum, post your links 50 times, and then leave. Most forums allow you to sign your posts so you can easily refer back to them. Being a trustworthy website also means you will get more traffic from behind.

Not only will the post look like your own, but it will also be deleted later that day by the person who edited it, perhaps before the Google bot can reach them. RSS feeds RSS feeds allow you to link to your content. This means that other sites display content on their homepage using a feed that links to the original article or page. So you can connect us 😉

Rate If you know a lot about the field you work in (as you should), then writing articles can be very useful. Every time you write and publish an article you get a response and the best part about articles is that they are often copied and used on other sites, sent out in newsletters or published on websites. Every time this happens you get a different reaction. Provide a link to my code Post a page on your website with links to my code.

This will be the HTML code that people will need to cut and paste into their websites to link to. But don’t use text. Give some banners, some buttons, be creative. Sometimes when people are trying to find something to add to their site they will be more than happy to put your sexy banner or button on their page. The trick is to make it easy for people to contact you.