Real-time mortgage leads

Real-time mortgage leads

If you are a mortgage advisor or mortgage broker and are active in the mortgage market, you should consider a “real time” purchase.

Real-Time Leads or Fresh Leads are designed for loan officers who value quality in a lead rather than quantity, i.e. buying in bulk.

When you buy leads in bulk, you are probably buying very old leads that have been processed multiple times from one leader to another.

real-time leads reach you within seconds of filling out the online form and clicking the submit button.

This is how it works:

1. A potential customer visits a website owned and operated by a leading company.

2. The interested party fills out an online form that is specifically tailored to their search in terms of loan type, loan amount, LTV, etc.

3. The client presses the “Send” button.

4. The online form is now considered a lead and is redirected to the company’s main website.

5. The interested party finds a suitable filter that was previously defined by the credit advisor.

6. As soon as the interested party finds a suitable filter, it is sent to the loan officer by email within seconds of receipt.

If you’re tired of hearing, “I filled out this form a few months ago” or “I just paid off my loan two weeks ago,” then real-time leads may be the best solution for you.

But before you spend your hard-earned money, be sure to research the leading company you are interested in. Call and speak to someone in customer service to find out exactly how their system works. The sooner you get an advance, the better your chances of closing the loan.