New Google Blog Search is Great Marketing

New Google search is great marketing news for business podcasts, blogs and RSS feed advertisers

Google introduced Blog Search in beta yesterday. This new search feature lets you search the web for blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds. Just type a keyword; results from this source will be displayed.

Results do not show your favorites on blogs published on Blogger. We get results from all blog posts. In fact, Google Blog Search isn’t just for blogs. They’ll search any RSS feed, whether it’s from a blog, podcast, or other XML feed. The search engine seems to be responding well, and we’ve seen results appear within hours of a new post being posted to the RSS blog and podcast feed. This is another way to build your business’s online presence.

The organic results are sorted by topic, but you can also sort by date. This is especially good if you want to quickly find out the latest news and get it into the blogosphere quickly. Another thing Google is doing is trying to eliminate the ‘noise’ and spam from the blogosphere. They search for the top blogs and display them at the top of the page under “Related blogs.” Blog is the most important source for getting your

For example: Go to new Google search (http://blogsearch. Google. com) and podcasting tips. The results shown above are 2 of the 3 copyrighted blogs involved. You will also find over 1600 answers here and we have many additional answers on the front page too. This is because we write the top 6 blogs and publish the best content on those blogs. http://blog. podblaze. communication

Google does not currently support manual feeding of your blog. I think this is smart because it prevents people from exhibiting unusual behavior. If you run a good blog or podcast and follow best practices; Your feed was found by Google. Make sure you follow the correct cleaning method even after feeding your food. This ensures that your feed is updated by Google.

It appears that Google started showing Blogs, Podcasts, and RSS feeds in June 2005. They are currently not showing posts made before this. They may change this in the future. Google has found a way to keep black hat SEO and unscrupulous webmasters out of search results. We can all celebrate, because that means quality, practical results for searchers.

Podcasters should also note that personal podcasts are also listed in the results. This is a great way for people to find your podcasts and individual podcasts by topic and content.

If you’re serious about promoting your products and building your business website’s online presence, then you’re probably doing great things with a great blog or podcast. If your company wants to get the most out of this new part of Google, you need to work with tech-savvy professionals. You can view it at www. Yamamoto. com because they have experience with many blogging, RSS and podcasting solutions.