Making your plan “customer-centric”

Making your plan ‘customer-focused’ allows you to focus on what’s important and makes it easier to review as you go. You can identify groups that need attention and other groups that are doing well.

listeners first type – “Self-directed”
This is an easy type to please. This person is an early adopter or someone in need. For example, they confirmed that they needed “merge” software. They read some articles online, make a decision and want to go to the website to buy. To meet such needs, you need the ability to buy accurately and pay quickly.

Online Store – Make sure you have a clean, well-used bike. Make it easy for him to buy his products and leave him satisfied.
Customer Service – Establish an email confirmation system that clearly indicates that the product was purchased and paid for by credit card (or other method).
Get a trial start with a unique idea that can be pursued online. Be sure to change this at the beginning as you will see the entered results.

Second audience type: “Exam”
This type is very easy to satisfy. This is someone who wants to have a “trial version” to test. If you’re a software vendor, this is easy. If you are an electronics consumer or service seller, you need to decide how you will give the “test” a chance to try it out.
Service allows you to give “one time” for free. As an electronic marketer, you need to be more careful. As a customer purchasing the product, you can have a “test” model to try it out quickly. Be fair in your returns policy, but make it clear that no matter what you do, a small group of people will return the product.

Downloadable Software – this field must be used from the day the product is released. I’ve seen companies delay trial offers until other domains become available. If you let it, you’re missing a great opportunity. Some testers show up on the first day and never return.
Free Delivery – if you are a service, get this and wait for people to try it. If you need to allocate resources, do so. There’s nothing worse than getting a message online that says “check back later.” They won’t.