like and trust your products and services

Implementing this system is simple. Start attracting offers via your internet. Create a free offering (ezine, mini e-course, e-book, report, guide, list, etc.) and place the registration page above the fold and prominently on your website. You’ll want to include a link to the free version in your email signature.

For example, here’s a version of my email signature:
“Are you about to close your business because you don’t have enough customers?

Don’t give up on your vision of entrepreneurial success. Get a 5-day free trial of ‘5 Keys to Bringing More Customers to Your Business’ by sending a free email to customers@aweber. com. ”

This is one of the most effective ways to attract people to my funnel.

Once you feel confident in your bike, find a way to offer it at a great price during the sale.
For example, the second level of your funnel,
, might offer an e-book for $27 or an e-course for $39. The third level may include a home study course for $147 each or a teleseminar series for $77. Level four may offer a boot camp for $347, and level five may offer one-on-one services for $500.