Just another day for internet security

Just another day for internet security
Connect to the Internet and view your different accounts. Because you have more than one account. One is true, the other is nonsense.

You delete everything you don’t know, from awards won to invitations and everything else. After all, these accounts are used only for social networks and no one knows who you are.

Surf the web and don’t click on anything on websites you don’t know or have never heard of. Be careful of ‘popular’ sites. Someone might send you a message from newyorktimes.com. It makes you think it’s the New York Times. So be careful.

When you are done with your online activities, turn off the Internet and continue your normal life. Since there is no Internet connection, no one can access your computer.

When you come back, go back to work, go through your mail and delete unwanted messages. You are keeping people in the same class with your coffee and RL on various social media. Others among others. Share information with strangers.

After a while it stops and you use your device to write articles, play games, etc. You use it for. But you are online. Meet again when you are ready.

Make sure your internet is off before going to bed.

Feel safe
When you check your internet connection and social media presence, spam and scams filling your Mock account become more visible, you feel very safe.

If there is a major hack; I. to. You can laugh on FB, where there are many accounts lately. Because you’re not your nickname, it’s not your photo, and it’s not your Mock email account.

Imagine using your
Name and email account. ..and was it stolen?

But you didn’t.