If you don’t sign up, you will lose money

If you don’t sign up, you will lose money

If you have a website and are not actively linking to other relevant websites, you are missing a great opportunity to increase the popularity of your links, get targeted traffic and increase your sales. Read on to find out why.

Why tie up?
There are only a few ways to drive traffic to your website. You can pay someone to generate leads, but you have no way of knowing whether visitors are interested in your product, service, or message. Some organizations that promise thousands of visits to your website offer products, but the problem is that visitors don’t target people who fit your product, service or message.

You can advertise online or offline to generate leads, you can wait, watch and hope someone finds your site among millions, or you can actively generate traffic yourself.

When you link to other high-traffic websites, some of the people who visit those websites will click on the links and visit your website. Let’s face it: if no one visits your website, the chances of making a sale or reading your message are minimal. Therefore, creating targeted users should be one of your top priorities. By target users, I mean people who have purchased or are likely to purchase a product or service similar to yours. Consider this example. I sell an e-book called “Winning That Government Job” which, as the title suggests, helps job seekers understand the government recruitment and selection process so they can be competitive when applying.

If I appear on the business pages of a Saturday morning newspaper in Sydney (Australia’s most populous city), it costs me $200 per issue. I usually get a few dozen sales, but as soon as I stop advertising, my sales drop. When I link to another job search organization, many of their visitors visit my website and buy my post. This costs much less than later $200 ads. Imagine what happens if I share a link to a dozen similar websites? I think you see the benefits of the combination.
When I first started building links, I typed a keyword into a search engine and then looked for websites to exchange links with. I found a few websites, emailed them, and sometimes received a response. I tried to find connection partners for whom my products and services complement each other so that they can add value to their customers while also giving me good business.

The process worked, but I had to spend a lot of time doing it, so I looked for a better solution and couldn’t believe my luck when I found a program specifically designed for this type of task. The program automates much of the process, so I spend about two to three hours once a week finding and contacting potential contacts.

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