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A word generally (generally speaking) with little control. Personally, I’m not a big fan of paid keywords. These are powerful search engine strategies and paid search companies that take a percentage of the money you spend. What I’m trying to understand is what words will work to attract my best customers to my website. Remember, you want people to come to your website looking for exactly what you offer. For example, if you sell ”
term life insurance,” what kind of people do you want to click on your ad? Of course, you want people to look for long-term insurance, not “long-term care” or “insurance.” You can use these words when making a list of “bad” words. We’ll talk about this another time.

3. Keyword “genres”

There are three types of keywords: “Broad”, “Expression” and “Full”. Do not use ‘extended conjunctions’ except in sentences of four or more words. For example, a term life insurance policy. Some of the rules I use are single word keywords, I use best match with four two or three word search phrases, I use ‘word matching’. I try to use ‘good’ which fits these words. Consider the search term, the products you offer, and your ideal
customers who are qualified leads. It is better to have a small number of qualified leads rather than a large number of leads that waste your time and cost you more money.

4. Copymarketing Just two thoughts on writing. When writing your ad, include the following in your ‘title’ box: word keyword: ‘main keyword}. This places the keyword in the title. This is very important for many reasons that we will get into in a moment. Your ad should be specific enough to attract only your ideal customer (someone looking for the exact products you offer). Your ad must include at least one ‘sales proposition’. This can be very difficult due to limited space. Rule of thumb: Learn what your competitors are doing and do something different. For example, if everyone is offering a product for free, take advantage of one of the other special offers.