Everything else is just a big experiment

Everything else is largely experimental until proven to work over time. “Time passed” is the operative word. Most of the electricity in an electric stove only works for a short time. But most of the time it never stands the test of time.
links to a crowdsourced article will never go away, but I see people running back and forth on pyramid schemes as if they truly believe such a thing is a smart thing to build their internet business on!

Tens of thousands have returned from their dreams to their despair, slaves who prophesied! You don’t even know how close they are to success in a business.

good people who quit this job state that it is completely wrong that anyone can do this job through an internet business and internet marketing program.

I think there is some truth in these words. The average person quits a job before it even starts because people often fall for tricks and schemes that they avoid on their way to success.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably at a relatively high level. From where? Because once the average person looks at the list of internet marketing bread and butter things I mentioned, they see nothing but hard work. And they will be right!

But above average people are not afraid of work. I don’t know a single person who got to where they are today without hard work (and I have some great internet marketing names in my rolodex).

If you are not afraid of work and do not let yourself be seduced by those who say that you can be successful without working, you can be successful in the Internet business!

Focus on the basics of internet marketing and stick to them as you try new strategies. We all try. But successful internet marketers never give up their bread-and-butter tricks unless they work..