Eight essential steps to ecommerce marketing

Eight essential steps to ecommerce marketing

I know how to find content from an e-commerce site owner. All I have to do is ask them about their marketing plan on their website!

I get that page when I ask about website marketing plans. First, the eye lifts up. Then the eyes widened for a moment. And then the perseverance begins.

“Hmm, you know — my URL is on my business card.”

“I’ll start an email newsletter.”

Some might even say something about “search engines.”

But nobody really has a plan! And you know the old saying: “Failure to plan is planning gone awry.”

Most small business owners I talk to are confused. They think websites are a huge waste of money. “Online business card.” The “advertising money” does not pay off on its investment.

And no wonder:

You spent thousands of dollars on web design. You spend money every month to host your website. You can even pay a regular webmaster. Month after month, year after year, sales are decreasing.

Advertising your website is annoying. Confusing! So in the end, we do what we all do when we’re frustrated and confused: we deal with it ‘later’. And then it never comes.

Guess what? This is not your fault! No one taught you how to market this new method online. . But guess what? All they sold – how could it be otherwise – were reports and e-books on ‘how to do internet marketing’. They never pack and ship a box or chase the UPS guy down the street.

What if there was a step-by-step formula you could follow to operate an online vending machine?

After 10 years of online marketing and sales, I have narrowed it down to eight successful formulas. This formula works for any online business, from amber gemstones to zebra-print home furnishings. In short, the eight steps to failure with this formula are:

Define your goals: Without a clear goal, your website cannot be successful. Be specific about each goal, increase the number and time limit.
Take a photo: how is your website doing now? Find out your car’s serial number and the ‘magic number three’.
Define your market: who tells? Clearly define your target group and where your customers live.
Employers: Increase your website traffic by using your ideas and having regular conversations. Convert
Website Visitors into Customers: Once you send them to your website, make sure they sign up before they leave. Find out what they want and what information they need to make a purchasing decision. Give it to them and then ask for the sale. Add
Coins: Want fries and a burger? They have continued to add more since they opened their bags.
Bring them back: Getting an old customer to buy again is cheaper than finding a new customer. Create an unforgettable experience and do the following with ease.
Make Friends: A satisfied customer can be a great sales tool. Give them the power to distribute your products and websites.
Ecommerce marketing can’t fail when you follow every step.