Conventional Shape Smart Projector

Standard research form

The first part is a standard vertical “bullet” with a front-facing lens. Using the built-in interface makes it easier to use when you have control over the project. However, since it is not battery operated, the power cord must be plugged into a wall outlet; but the low wattage of electricity required means a good quality extension cord can be used (in which case you’ll need to be careful to avoid anyone tripping over it). cord).

Regarding the size of the image it is said that you can go up to 120″ but in reality the resolution is not clear due to the low power of the LCD panel and the large size, it may be due to bright room issues. As always, this is best 1) about 80-90 inches in size and 2) viewed in a dimly lit room or even a dark room (though night lights are fine). This doesn’t mean the big ones won’t work; it’s just that your mileage may vary depending on what the user chooses to do (a white wall, a colored or hanging page, or a white sheet, not to mention the “screen”, will affect the projected image, which looks the same).