Be ware of Unknown Browsers

unknown explorer
There are many browsers you’ve never heard of. This applies to perhaps 1% of the population. This means that no hacker will develop some kind of ‘hook’ in the browser that no one else uses. ‘

There are tons of hacks for Chrome, Firefox, and even Edge. Because that’s what most people use.

Hackers can see where you are when you log in to your browser, use your services, and interfere with your life.

Who would spend hours or days creating ‘keys’ on ‘anyone’s’ browser?

Malware Protection
Ignore all those brand names and prices. Go for people who haven’t protected themselves against malware.

These protections are working. They don’t matter; They can be easily downloaded and modified to keep your account safe.

Your computer may be equipped with a ‘Guardian’ that has a limited lifespan. You must pay to continue using it.

During the exploration you will meet the guards and you can choose who you want.

I say ‘he’ because it is a good way to have more than one guardian. If someone develops one type of hack for a security guard, you have another. .

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And you keep changing them.

Once you start using these anonymous security guards, you will see how effective they are and how well they protect you.

Email spam
There are many anonymous email providers. There is no point in using it because very few people use it.

For hackers, it’s better to focus on Gmail.

Many hackers log into Gmail and can use your account. They can carefully choose the information they use against you.Rephrase