Be persuasive when selling

Be persuasive when selling

When selling your products to customers, you don’t want to be pushy, you want to be persuasive.

Have you ever dealt with a salesperson who seemed to love everything?

He has no problem talking to people, people like him seem to achieve all of his sales goals effortlessly.

Not because he is lucky or has a natural ability to sell. This is because they have invested time and effort to be well-trained in the field and have the right sales skills and product knowledge to make selling seem easy.

This salesperson gained his persuasiveness through hard work and sales training because he knows what his customers need.

When a salesperson insists on his product, he discourages the customer. The last thing a customer wants is someone they just met in person who won’t stop talking. Pushy salespeople come across as rude, unprofessional and incompetent.

From the customer’s perspective, a pushy salesperson is similar to someone who has just returned from a sales training session for a particular product. This is then sent out into the world to sell this product to anyone willing to listen.

Most consumers completely understand this.

Persuasion requires cunning. In fact, convincing someone to buy your product is much easier than selling it.

Persuasion is all about convincing the customer to “buy” your product or look at things from your perspective.