Animations you send in your email

Animations you send in your email

What about those animated images you send in your emails that cause Outlook to crash like a frosting? Yes, keep these coming.

Ah, now that I’m your client, you have the right to add me to your CC friend list because I want to be in your life. Oh my god the ponies!!! SO SO SWEET!!! ROFL.

Please learn the English language while I am busy with this matter. I can’t find a “Male-English” translator on the site. So for the rest of the job process, I will ask you to speak and write a language that contains real words. Sure, I say “LOL” all the time, but really, when was the last time you saw someone “ROFL” or “ROFLMAO”? Honestly, I never “LMAO” when talking to any of my clients, but maybe I’m just getting old…
BRB, I should be at TMGARTF (grab my Geritol and read the joke).

By the way, I enjoyed listening to the midi background music while browsing your site. As a reputable company, nothing gives me more confidence than the endless midi version of Metallica’s Enter Sandman.

FYI: Midis was cold for about three days in early 1994 and missed a boat.

Please also note that some pages on your website could not load in my browser. Maybe these pages are not available? Wait, what does that little sign say… “Sorry message, this site is under construction”. Don’t worry, I hate the mess that comes with having your site build forever. I live in Michigan, I’m used to construction. I’m also used to reading “Comic Sans” font in 48 point format on a 220 KB JPG that can’t be resized from the cloud. That’s exactly what we do for fun for two weeks every year in Michigan when beer tents aren’t available. When we want to mix it up a bit, we throw a little “Dom Casual” into some footage.

I remember how excited I was when I explained to the girls that Netscape 3 was the first software to support frames and was apparently better than Internet Explorer. I died a little early today because I somehow managed to find your site… and yes, I was just an idiot, shut up.