AdWords Tips: All About Keywords

AdWords Tips: All About Keywords

As you probably know, Google AdWords is a pay-per-click marketing system that is a great way to increase traffic to your website. But if you don’t know the details, it could cost you a lot of money and bring no profit.

So what is the key to success in AdWords? Well, I could say that there are one or two simple tricks, but the fact is that the best way to succeed with AdWords is to become familiar with all aspects of the system. It will probably take weeks or months of research and a few dollars to test out a real AdWords account. However, you can significantly increase your chances if you follow this tip: Don’t skimp on keyword research!

You may have thought you could go to your website, download 20 or 30 words or phrases, upload them to an ad group, and watch the traffic and sales flow. That’s simply not true. . Keyword research should be the most time-consuming part of creating a campaign. Not only that, but you should always do it. It’s true: never stop building your keyword list. OK, now I want to explain a few things:

First, you need to understand how Google uses your keywords to display ads. Place a bid that determines the maximum cost per click (CPC) for each keyword. If desired, this value can be different for each keyword. This offer does not represent the amount you pay per click (like Overture); This is simply the maximum amount you will pay for a single click.

Example: Your maximum CPC is $0.$50 for a keyword, you only have to pay the full amount if someone else bids $0.49. If that person decides to lower their bid to $0.30, you only pay $0.31.That’s because Google’s discount bidder only charges one cent more than the second highest bidder, regardless of the maximum CPC. So, in theory, you could bid $10 or even $100 and still only pay $0.31 per click.