6 Steps to Attracting Black Customers Online

6 steps to attract black customers online

In their rush to keep up with technology, many African American business owners are so busy adding the latest innovations to their websites, ranking high in search engines, and learning the latest technology that they often forget this simple thing. The truth is that people do business with other people, not computers. Understanding the importance of relationships is key to attracting US American consumers online. Here are some best practices to get Black customers to buy more than
on your website.

Here are some practical tips to get black customers to make more purchases through your website.

Step 1: Create a custom link. .. place the face.
Adding realistic photos of people to your website will increase your sales. Photos jump off the page, so even if you skip the words, the photo will leave a lasting impression. If you don’t have photos of your employees or customers, use stock photos.

Here are some of my favorite photography resources:

Royalty-free images start at around $19-$35 per image and are much more expensive than copyrighted images. If you have a large budget, you can purchase a CD containing the entire collection of American-American photography.

Step 2: Build trust.
When you come to work for a company, you can usually tell right away whether you feel comfortable doing business. You can tell if the place is clean, well-maintained, well-lit, and if there is a friendly person there to greet you and help you. On the internet, your website should do all the talking and make all the decisions. If this may be the first customer on your website, they may not know if you are a legitimate company and if they can trust you.

There are a variety of ways to reduce this anxiety and give your customers peace of mind. First, provide all the information about your website, including the phone number. Second, if possible, show a photo of your location to staff. Third, if you are a member of a professional organization such as a good business firm and/or a professional trade association, this is a good time to display your membership logo. Most importantly, showcase quotes and testimonials from your
satisfied customers to show how good the products and services your company offers are.

Step 3: Use the word of mouth channel.
From African griots to hairdressers and salons to BlackPlanet chat rooms. com, the center of true African culture is traditional culture. Use this ready-made network to your advantage and give people the tools to tell their friends and colleagues about your product. The best way to do this is to use the ‘Tell a Friend’ button on your website. Information sharing (see step 6) includes this service as part of the e-knowledge management plan.

Step 4: Network with other Black sites.
One way to drive traffic to your website is to gain customers from many other sites. You can purchase ad space on well-marketed websites that attract a large percentage of your target audience. Another inexpensive way is to exchange advertising with companies that offer products or services that complement each other but do not conflict with your own ideas. For example, if you are hosting a website, find a web hosting provider or service provider. These strategies can work for both
and web ads, but remember to vary the ads in each company’s email marketing.

(NOTE: Do not modify the customer database or email address list unless you have specific permission from your customer. )

Step 5: Give your customers a reason to take action now.
How many times have you visited a website and thought, “What a great product! I want to buy this, but I guess I’ll come back later.” Did you actually go back and buy it? Probably not. Help your customers decide today: Give them an offer they can’t refuse. For example, use promotions like ‘temporary only’, ‘this week only’, ‘work today and get €10 off’.

Step 6: Keep in touch.
Remember, it’s about relationships. Did you know that online shoppers usually do so on the fourth to eighth day after visiting your website, and it’s not the first time they’ve done so? So you need to develop a strategy that will bring them back to your site a second, third and fourth time. Undoubtedly, the simplest, easiest and cheapest method is the email list. Collecting email addresses on your website and marketing efforts isn’t enough; You need to write and send an e-mail to
lists! Aim to publish your newsletter at least twice a month, but if you’re starting out, make it quarterly, then increase to monthly, then increase to weekly.